Add Revenue and Increase Profit - Learn to Restore Residential & Commercial Electronics THE RIGHT WAY!

Since 2003 the Certified Technology Restorer program has been the Restoration Industry’s leading and most recognized training program for the cleaning and restoration of Residential and Commercial electronics as well as a wide variety of electro-mechanical equipment.  Over 300 technicians, business owners and managers have completed our Level 1 and Level 2 courses.


Why Electronics Restoration?

If you are a Restoration Contractor you already have the Infrastructure and you are cleaning contents. Electronics & Appliances are an increasing portion of Homeowners' contents.


  • Carrier / Adjuster Relationships
  • Name & Reputation in your market
  • Franchise Support
  • Admin and Back Office Staff
  • Vehicles & Equipment


What Will I Learn from these Courses?

  • Blueprints to build your own Electronics wash station for under $2k
  • List of equipment, chemicals, tools, PPE, etc. Everything you need to get started
  • Evaluating RESTORE vs. REPLACE
  • Specialized Packout procedures
  • Intermediate disassembly / reassembly
  • Successful Cleaning techniques
  • The Chemistry Effect - How are Electronics adversely affected by fire/smoke/water


What Post-Training Support should I expect?

  • 24/7 Support Hotline
  • Informational Webinars
  • Access to blog
  • Private Facebook pages for affiliated groups
  • Hands-on Training available


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Electrostar is a cutting-edge technology restoration company that provides nationwide electronic and industrial machinery evaluation, chemical testing, documentation, restoration & other related services following a fire/flood/catastrophe.